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Dymax Mining: Blades, Buckets, Forks & Couplers

For more than 50 years, the Balderson family has been building high quality mining attachments such as u-blades, bowldozers, buckets, couplers and forks. From using dozer blades to move stockpiles of coal or woodchips, to hauling quarry stone in heavy duty rock buckets, Dymax Inc. has the wheel loader, large excavator and mining backhoe attachments to get the job done.


Coal Dozer Blades   Coal Dozer Blades
Increase blade capacity by more than 200%. Move coal stockpiles efficiently.
  Woodchip Dozer Blades   Woodchip Dozer Blades
Large wings, high capacities for optimal performance at mills and wood fuel power stations.
Landfill Dozer Blades   Landfill Dozer Blades
Move more refuse with each pass. Blade features top track for improved visibility.
  Reclamation Dozer Blades   Reclamation Dozer Blades
Increase dozing capacity by 40%. Improve fuel burn and move more per pass.
Heavy Duty U Dozer Blades   Heavy Duty U Dozer Blades
Heavy duty blades with 28 degree wings. Improved capacity and material retention.
  Semi-U Dozer Blades   Semi-U Dozer Blades
Semi-U dozer blade wings are fitted with end bits, allowing for effective push.

Coal Buckets   Coal Buckets
Buckets configured as stockpile or seam loading buckets, and with straight or spade nose edges.
  Rock Buckets for Wheel Loaders   Rock Buckets for Wheel Loaders
Heavy duty rock buckets with a wide range of teeth, cutting edges, lip shrouds, edge systems and sidebar shrouds.
Rock Buckets for Excavators   Rock Buckets for Excavators
Heavy duty rock buckets with spade or straight edges and lip shrouds, side shrouds, and custom armor.

Woodchip Bowldozers   Woodchip Bowldozers
Ideal for hog fuel plants, and slot dozing feeding hoppers. Large side walls and spill-reducing leading edge.
  Coal Bowldozers   Coal Bowldozers
Bowldozers for power generating stations, feeding hoppers and slot dozing operations.

Block Handling Forks   Block Handling Forks
Heavy duty block handling forks with shaft mount tines. Ideal in quarry and mining applications.

  Hydraulic Quick Couplers   Hydraulic Quick Couplers
Quick couplers allow operator to change attachments in seconds, without leaving the machine cab.

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